SPM-3C SS Picture 002 (2)


  • Max. length of workpiece: 216"(5486.4mm)
  • Max. swing with shackles in: 28"(606.6mm)
  • Max swing with shackles in tilt back loading position: 36"(914.4mm)
  • Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 103 Ton.  (93636kgs)
  • Machine Dimensions 131"L x 61"W x 74"H (3327mm)x(1549mm)x(1879mm)
  • Remote located hydro-pump and all electrical controls mounted on movable hand truck.
  • Push button operated automatic motorized overhead crankshaft clamping system holds crankshaft down while hydraulic ram pushes up, allowing access to peen inside of connecting rod journal to be straightened.
  • Special roller end support design to allow placement of hydraulic ram directly under #1 rod journal without interference.
  • Two state hydraulic pump provides rapid movement of ram to save time.
  • Air peening hammer included.
  • Motorized hydraulics available as option.
  • Machine features all OTC hydro components, the finest name in hydraulics.
  • Now available with Motorized Hydrolics.
  • 2' and 4' Extensions Available.
  • Massive 15" (381mm) Heat Treated Main Frame Channels.
  • Shackles Ride on Linear Bearings For Smooth Easy Placement.
  • Ram Pushes up, Overhead Shackles Hold Crank Down. This Allows Localized Straightening.
  • Motorized Overhead Clamp Shackles Controlled by Main Switch Panel.
  • Clamps Tilt Back Out of Way For Crankshaft Loading and Unloading.
  • Roller End Supports For Effortless Crankshaft Rotation.
  • Mobile Remote Hydro Control Unit. Moves to the Journal That You Are Working On.
  • Built-in Shelf For Storage of Hydro Ram Vee Blocks.
  • Air hammer With Self Coiling Airhose Reel.
  • Hammer & Chisel Included.